Awesome Iceland


Awesome Iceland


Awesome Iceland! Indeed everything is awesome and we will shake those boredom away as we explore what Iceland has got in store for you.

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On the First day we will begin the awesomeness with a visit to the Sólheimajökull outlet glacier. Imagine the wonders of the ancient frozen glacial tongue, well not for long now as you will get a chance to explore them on this trip. We will continue the journey as we visit two of the popular waterfalls in Iceland after the glacier hike.

Day two will be horse riding tour into the lava field just outside Blue mountains. And because we are there for some awesome experience we will let you explore the lava cave as well! With all the marvelous lava and ice formation inside the cave you will never feel tired of exploring.

If you think the two days have shown you enough awesomeness, wait till we get you soak into the amazing hot spring in the Rekjadalur valley. You will have the rest of the afternoon as a free time and you can hike around the valley or just sit back and relax and enjoy the great scenery in front of you.

Day Four is whale watching day! It never gets more awesome than this. You’ll get to meet the biggest mammals and learn about them with this educational whale watching tour. But it won’t end there because we will again give you a taste of truly Iceland as we take you bathing in the famous Blue Lagoon.

And the last day would be pure awesome Iceland as we drive you to see the most popular tourist sites in South Iceland. We will take you rafting after the epic sightseeing! We will end the day wit a relaxing sauna before we feast on the Volcanic BBQ dinner.




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