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Fast Lava

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Why do we call this tour Fast Lava? We have combined the swift Icelandic horses with our turbo quad bikes and if you have guessed it right we will ride them both and explore the lava surroundings of the proud volcanoes.

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We will saddle up and gallop along the skirts of Mount Hegafell through the lava fields. The magical scenery will amaze you and the excellent riding paths will excite you.

After fun hours of riding the swift Icelandic horse, we will take you quad biking along the outskirts of Mosfellsbær town. We will take the gravel road and head towards the mountain trail up Hafrafell. From the peak you will be able to view the whole city of Reykjavik. But we want more right? So we will also head over the top of Mount Ulfarsfell and from there we can view not only the city of Reykjavik but also the bay area of the Rekjanes Peninsula.




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