Heiðmörk on Wheels


Heiðmörk on Wheels


Drop all your baggages and let us get into our two wheels as we explore Heiðmörk Nature Reserve which hold springs that plays a huge part on the Icelanders clear water and said to be the fountain of youth.

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Heiðmörk is located on the border of the Hengill volcano which makes the place stunningly beautiful! It is like from those movies that you are inside a small forest with beautiful greens around you and a proud volcano visible from the top of Heiðmörk.

It is one of the most places Icelanders are most proud of because of the living proper forest since Iceland is by the way 67% desert. But in Heiðmörk you will meet some furry rabbits and over 60 species of birds.

The good news is that you will not have to travel long to get into this amazing paradise. Heiðmörk is just a stone throw away from Reykjavik.

We will ride our bikes from Reykjavik to Heiðmörk and pass through wonderful areas such as springs and lake, it will be a biker’s dream to bike along the wonderful trail prepared.




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