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Hornstrandir: 6 days trekking tour

An amazing experience in the wild

This Iceland holidays 2012 trekking tour in Vestfirdir peninsula is a true adventure. Hornstrandir nature reserve is a place of magnificent untouched beauty and wild life. The basalt mountains divided by deep fjords are simply an amazing sight. The relentless power of the ocean has molded towering sea cliffs that are filled with birdlife and many of the alcoves and scurries of the coast are home to seals. Glaciers and lakes form a beautiful part of the reserve where the artctic fox wanders in its natural environment. At the settlement of Iceland and until the middle of the 20th century the area was populated but today, Hornstrandir is empty of permanent settlers but their abandoned homes and workshops are scattered around the area, nestled deep in the fjords and valleys. This Iceland holidays 2012 trekking tour is a must for nature lovers. And you can be sure that it will leave you amazed and packed with wonderful memories.

This Iceland holidays tour is rated as challenging. Guaranteed departures in 2012 are 10th July, 24th July and 7th August. Private departures are available up on request. Departure is at 7:30 am from Reykjavik domestic airport. Please make sure you book your spot on the tour with good notice.

• Magical landscape
• Trekking adventure
• Vestfirdir
• Isafjordur
• Mountain ranges
• Beautiful lakes
• Hofn i Hornavik
• Boat trip
• Sleeping in tents
• One of Iceland´s largest bird cliffs

DAY 1: Reykjavik – Isafjordur – Adalvik

A flight from Reykjavik to Isafjordur at 8 am in the morning. The flight takes 40 minutes. At Isafjordur harbour we will catch a ride with the scheduled boat tours to Hesteyri. After a 2 hour boat ride we have entered a wonderland of sounds from soothing streams and the whisper of the waves by the beach. We start our hike in Hesteyri and head for Hesteyrarskarð mountain pass. From there we start to make our way down to sea level again. We will spend the night at Látrar. Hiking distance for this day is 11 km.

DAY 2: Adalvik – Fljotavik

From Adalvik we aim for a little detour to the top of Straumnesfjall mountain to explore an abandoned radar station, that the American army built in 1953. Later we will head to Fljotavik. To reach our destination for the day we will need to cross Atlastadaos river which can get a bit tricky since it is sensitive to sea tides so we need to aim for a low tide. We will spend the night at Atlastadir. Hiking distance for the day is 18 km.

DAY 3: Fljotavik – Hloduvik

We will start the day hiking along the green banks of the beautiful lake, Fljotsvatn. The mountain range to the left is amazing and we need to cross a few mountains to get across the mountain range separating us from our next destination, Hloduvik. We will spend the night ad Budir. Optional is an e evening walk to Hælavik. Hiking distance for the day is 18 km.

DAY 4: Hloduvik – Hornavik

The hiking distance for this day is 12 km. We will head up a steep slope to the mountain ridge Skalakambur and follow a route marked with cairns towards the steep Atlaskard (327 m) mountain pass. We will hike around Mt Kollur and from there start making our way towards Hofn i Hornavik, the heart of Hornstrandir nature reserve. Dramatic natural beauty is what you will experience. It is a must to spend more than one day at this magical place so we will put up camp there for two nights.

DAY 5: Hornavik – Hornabjarg – Hornavik

The hiking distance for this day is 16 km. The beauty of Hornavik and its surroundings is breathtaking as well as two of Iceland´s largest bird cliffs. Hornavik is very remote, like the entire Hornstrandir area, and is only accessible by boat or by foot. We hike to Hornbjarg cliff where thousands of birds can be seen. After an amazing day we will head back to Hornvik where we will spend the night.

DAY 6: Hornavik – Veidileysufjordur – Isafjordur – Reykjavik

This is the last day of the tour. We will pack our tents and gear and cross yet another mountain pass to get to Veidileysufjordur fjord. We will follow the beach until we get to Meleyri where a boat will pick us up and take us to Isafjordur, back to civilization after almost a week in the wild. You will have a few hours of free time at Isafjordur before heading back to Reykjavik around 6 pm. This Iceland holidays 2012 trekking tour to Hornstrandir is a true adventure and will leave you with wonderful memories.


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