Fire Island Exploration Tour – 5 days


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Iceland holidays adventure tour

Explore the south of Iceland in 5 days

This 5 days Iceland holidays adventure and exploration tour is full of excitement, action, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. It is the ultimate tour to the island of ice and fire that is built around many of the greatest activity trips and the must see sights in the south of Iceland. You will also have some spare time to explore and experience what the south has to offer. From bathing in natural hot spring river, to kayaking on deep Nordic fjords, to witness boiling water erupt from the ground and so much more, this Iceland holidays adventure tour is definitely a true adventure!

• River rafting
• Bathing in natural hot springs
• Hiking
• Snorkeling
• Sea kayaking
• Whale watching
• The Golden Circle
• Horse riding
• Caving
• Blue Lagoon

DAY 1:MONDAY Sea kayaking & whale watching

The tour starts on a Monday morning at 9:00. Our first destination is Hvalfjordur where we will a relaxing trip of sea kayaking. Hvalfjordur is one of the deep fjords of the North Atlantic Ocean and is truly a beautiful fjord. In the afternoon (17:00) we will continue our exploration of the open sea with a whale wathcing excursion from Reykavík. The whale wathing tour is for about 3 hours.

DAY 2:TUESDAY Snorkeling & caving

Tuesday is our second day and at 9:00 we will head for snorkling and caving. We will explore the hidden world of the lava fields between Laugarvatn and Thingvellir National Park. We will do some caving and explore the amazing marvels that the volcanic activity has created. Our next stop is the Silfra ravine at Thingvellir where we will undertake a snorkeling adventure. Silfra is locaded on the boundary between American and Europe and offers crystal clear underwater views of the lava fissure. This is a day to remember! We will be back in Reykjavik around 15:00.

DAY 3:WEDNESDAY Hiking & horse riding

Our third day starts at 9:00. We will start the day with an hiking tour to the incredible hot spring area of Reykjadalur valley. We will relax and take a bath in a hot river and enjoy the unspoiled nature. From there we will go to a horse farm for lunch , followed by a horse riding trip. You will get to know the Icelandic horse and its abilities. We will be back in Reykjavík at 17:00.

DAY 4:THURSDAY Reykjavík & Blue Lagoon

Thursday is a day to relax and enjoy the capital. Shopping, sightseeing, take a walk or whatever your heart desires. In the afternoon you will relax and enjoy the famous and magnificent Blue Lagoon. You will get information and assistance how to get there by bus. The time schedule for the Blue Lagoon is optimal.

DAY 5:FRIDAY River rafting & Golden Circle

Our last day starts at 9:00. We will go river rafting down the beautiful Hvítá river. After an amazing morning, you can relax in the hot tubs or sauna and we will dine before continuing with out tour. In the afternoon we will do one of the most popular tours in Iceland, The Golden Circle. It includes Thingvellir National Park, Geysir hot springs area and Gullfoss waterfall. We will be back in Reykjavík at 19:00. This day is a great ending to this Iceland holidays adventure and exploration tour where you will get the best of southern Iceland in 5 days.


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