Rafting and riding


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Rafting and riding

Combo Iceland holidays family day tour

This combo Iceland holidays family day tour is the ultimate choice for families visiting Iceland. This day tour combines two adventures in Iceland´s unspoiled nature: Riding and rafting. We will go river rafting on Hvítá River and horse riding on the Icelandic horse, something that every family should try at least ones. This trip is available from Reykjavík and is a true family adventure.

We will pick you up from your hotel/hostel in Reykjavík and drive south. The first stop of this tour is in Ölfus where the first half of the day is spent horse riding. You will get to know the unique Icelandic hourse and get a taste of Iceland´s pure and unspoiled nature. We will provide all necessary equipment and a horse that fits your skills. When we get back from the riding tour, we will enjoy an Icelandic lunch before heading to Hvítá River. Hvítá has a perfect balanced mix of canyons and adrenaline pumping waves. We raft for 7 km and at one point you get to jump from a cliff into the river. Before heading back to Reykjavík, we will enjoy a BBQ dinner. This is indeed the ultimate Iceland holidays family activity tour where nature and action is combined in one perfect day.

No previous experience with horse riding and/or river rafting is required for this trip. However, the age limit for rafting the whole river is 12 years and 10 years for half of the river. Please bring with you a warm sweater, spare clothing, bathing suit and a towel for this Iceland holidays family adventure.

• The Icelandic horse
• Horse riding
• River rafting
• Jumping off a cliff into a river
• BBQ dinner
• Icelandic fish soup
• Icelandic nature


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