Golden Circle & River rafting


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Golden Circle & River rafting

A day filled with adventures, history and unspoiled nature

Iceland holidays Golden Circle & River rafting tour is one of the most popular day tours offered. This trip has it all: Stunning natural beauty, amazing geological wonders, a great rafting adventure, interesting history and breathtaking views. This day tour includes a visit to Geysir, the world famous hot spring, Gullfoss waterfall, Thingvellir National Park and white water rafting on Hvítá river. Only mini-vans are used on this tour so it is always a small group experience.

We will depart from Reykjavik at 8:30 and our first destination of the day is Hvítá river where we will go river rafting. You will also get a change to jump off a cliff into the river. It is a true adventure for everyone but please note that the age limit for rafting the whole river is 12 years ad 10 years for half of the river. You have the opportunity to exchange rafting for canoeing (add ISK 2000 to the original price) but please note the age limit for canoing is 18 years. No experience of rafting is required.

After an amazing rafting experience, you will get a change to shower and enjoy a sauna. Before entering the road again, we will enjoy lunch at the rafting base camp. Our next stop on this Iceland holidays day tour, is the geothermal area of Geysir, where the ground gurgles, bubbles and super heated water escapes from the ground with enormous force. Please do not get too close when the hot springs erupt as the water is extremely hot!

The third stop of the day is Gullfoss, the Golden waterfall. Gullfoss is truly an amazing sight where the water rushes don the three steps of lava layers with breathtaking power and grandeur. You will get a change to walk along the waterfall and take pictures.

We end the day with a stop at Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO heritage site and the original birthplace of the oldest existing parliament in the world. The scenery is simply beautiful and the place if full of history. It is also where the great tectonic plates of America and Europe meet and the rift valley is clearly visible.

• Geothermal sites
• Gullfoss waterfall
• River rafting
• Jumping into Hvítá river
• Amazing scenery
• Thingvellir National Park
• UNESCO heritage site
• Tectonic plates


This day tour is ideal for those who want to get the most out of one day during their stay in Iceland. In addition to the popular Golden Circle route, you will experience river rafting in Hvítá river. This Iceland holidays Golden Circle & River rafting tour is full of adventures, history, geolocial wonders and unspoiled nature,and is truly a great choice.


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