The Golden Circle & Langjökull glacier


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Golden Circle & Langjökull glacier

Iceland holidays Golden Circle: The most famous sites in one day

This Iceland holidays Golden Circle and Langjökull glacier day tour is one of the most popular tours in Iceland. In one day, you will experience the amazing nature Iceland has to offer, waterfalls, lava fields, hot springs, mountains, glaciers and more, in addition to Icelandic history.

We will start the day by picking you up in one of our modified 4×4 superjeeps. The first destination of the day is Thingvellir National Park. It is where Iceland´s first parliament, Althingi, was founded in 930 AD. Our next stop is Laugarvatn lake that is surrounded by geothermal activity. From there we will go to Gullfoss, one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland where we will enjoy a traditional Icelandic lunch. Next, we will follow the mountain tracks to Langjökull glacier where you can go on a snowmobile ride (special booking). On our way back to Reykjavík we will stop at the famous Geysir area where you will see the geyser Strokkur erupt. Our last stop of the day will be at the volcanic crater, Kerið.

• Langjökull glacier
• Gullfoss (Golden Falls)
• Erupting hot springs
• Þingvellir National Park
• Standing on two continents
• Lava
• Volcanic crater
• Snowmobiling (special booking)


Þingvellir National Park is unique historical place. It is where the Parliament was established in 930 and is a site of historical, cultural and geological importance. It has been a UNESCO world Heritage site since 2004. Here is where two continental plates meet and drive apart about 2 cm per year, so you will have an opportunity to stand on two continents at the same time. Þingvellir is a natural wonder on an international scale.


Laugarvatn is a lake and a small town. The lake contains some geothermal springs under the surface, making it a popular swimming spot with some warm patches along the shoreline year-round.


Gullfoss (Golden Falls) is one of Iceland´s most famous waterfalls. As the water plunges down into the deep crevice on a sunny day, it truly looks golden and that´s where the name comes from. To stand at Gullfoss and admire this beautiful waterfall and, on a sunny day, a rainbow in its clouds, is a unique and uplifting experience.


Geysir, Strokkur and other hot springs are in the geothermal area at Haukadalur. Strokkur erupts every 5 minutes as it is oen of the largest and most powerful hot springs in the area. Please be aware that it is very important that you watch it erupt from a safe distance as the water spouts almost 30 m into the air.


Langjökull (Long glacier) is the second largest glacier in Iceland. It is about 50 km (31 mi) long and 20 km (9.3 to 12 mi) wide. The highest point of the ice cap is about 1450 m (4760 ft) above sea level. There are two or more volcanic systems under Langjökull and the calderas can easily be seen from the air. The best known is Hveravellir with its hot springs.


Kerið is a volcanic crater lake. It was created as the land moved over a loclized hotspot and has the most visually recognizable caldera still intact in the area. The caldera is composed of a red (rather than black) volcanic rock. This is our last stop in your Iceland holidays Golden Circle route.


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