Horse riding and lava caving


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Horse riding & lava caving

Experience a true adventure

This Iceland holidays horse riding and lava caving day tour is a true adventure. We will pick you up at your hotel/hostel in Reykjavík and drive for about 20 minutes. Our adventure starts when we immerse ourselves into the velvet darkness of the Leiðarendi lava cave, situated in one of the most active volcanic areas in the world. Leiðarendi cave is a perfect example of an Icelandic lava tube. Exploring this magnificent lava cave and discovering the marvels that the volcano created more then 2000 years ago is truly an amazing experience. We will climb, crawl and walk on our travel beneath the surface. When we emerge from the underworld we will enjoy lunch before starting our horse riding tour.

On our riding tour, we will ride through lava fields and across beautiful hillsides. As we ride through this magical scenery you will see different formations in the rough lava. All riding is on excellent riding paths with the beautiful Bláfjöll Mountains towering above on the horizon. This great Iceland holidays horse riding and lava caving adventure will show you the Icelandic lava fields from two very different angles, giving you a deep understanding of how Iceland was created and how the primeval forces of nature continue to shape it everyday!

Please bring with you warm outdoor clothing, headwear and gloves. Please note that the age limit for this tour is 10 years. No knowledge of the sport is required. This tour is a true adventure and recommended as a part of your Iceland holidays experience.

• The Icelandic horse
• Unspoiled nature
• Horse riding
• Lava caving
• Magnificent scenery
• Lava fields


This two hour combo trip is perfect for nature lovers who also enjoy some action. The difficulty level of this trip is 2 out of 5, rated as easy. The lava cave we will visit is Leiðarendi cave where you will explore a hidden world of the lava fieldand discover the marvels that volcanic activity created. This is one of the highlights on this Iceland holidays horse riding and lava caving adventure.


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