Sea kayaking from Isafjordur

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Paddle in the Westfjords

Iceland holidays Isafjordur sea kayaking

This Iceland holidays Isafjordur sea kayayking day tour is perfect for those looking for an exciting introduction to sea kayaking. Isafjordur has been called the sea kayaking center of Iceland because of endless possibilitie for kayaking in the fjords and bays that are close by but still so remote. Paddling under beautiful mountains around Isafjordur gets you close to nature and all the beauty that the Westfjords have to offer. The tours starts with a short lesson in paddling. We will put the boats out and paddle a circle inside the fjord while keeping a sharp lookout for various bird species and seals. This Iceland holidays isafjordur sea kayaking tour is a great choice to experience sea kayaking and visit the beautiful Westfjords.

This day tour is available all year round from Isafjordur for minimum 2 persons. The tour starts at 9 :30 am and free pick-up from the local airport in Isafjordur in connection with the morning flight is available free of charge. Please note the age limit for this tour is 12 years. This tour is rated as easy and no knowledge of the sport is required. This is a good choice for your Iceland holidays experience.

• The beautiful Westfjords
• Sea kayaking
• Breathtaking scenery
• Beautiful mountains
• Isafjordur


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