Northern lights hunt evening tour


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Northern lights hunt

Super jeep tour with lava caving, lobster dinner northern lights chase

On his Iceland holidays northern lights evening tour we will go hunting for the aurora borealis, enjoy an amazing lobster dinner and go lava caving. One of our experts will pick you up at your hotel/hostel in Reykjavik in one of our super jeeps. We will start this Iceland holidays evening tour by exploring the hidden world in and under the lava field located in the Blue Mountains (Bláfjöll). We will walk down into the lava cave and sidover the marvels that volcanic activity has created in the past. This is a trip that everyone can undertake and enjoy. From there we will head to a small village on the south coast where will enjoy a two course dinner (lobster and desert). The restaurant is one of Iceland´s most renowned seafood restaurants and is surrounded by the pitch-blac Icelandic winter night. From there our hunt for the Northern lights continues.

It is possible to see the Northern lights from Reykjavik and other cities and villages in Iceland, but they are much clearer away from the city lights. We will not have to travel far until the mountains provide the shadow we need to see these amazing lights. On cloudless and clear winter evenings, with luck on our side, we may be able to spot this beautiful and elusive natural phenomenon, dancing in the skies. They are truly magical and a sight to remember!

• Lobster dinner
• Northern lights hunt
• Lava caving
• Pitch-black Icelandic winter night
• Marvels created by volcanic activity


The Northern lights are truly a magical phenomenon that one must experience at least once in a lifetime. As it is only possible to see the lights when it is dark, cold and a clear sky, the optimal time to visit Iceland in order to experience the Northern lights is October – March/April. It is also good to keep in mind that when it is a new moon, the nights are dark and the lights are bright. When it is a full moon, however, it means brights nights but faint lights. An Iceland holidays Northern lights trip is truly a unique experience and very diffierent from any other you have taken. Here you can see some more information on your northern lights holidays tour to Iceland.


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