Westman Islands day tour


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Westman Islands day tour

Smoking volcano crater, amazing bird life & a boat trip

This Iceland holidays Westman Islands tour is truly a special and a beautiful experience. The Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) is a town and archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The largest island, Heimaey (13.4 km²), is populated but the other islands are uninhabited.

On this Iceland holidays Westman Islands day tour, we will walk up to the still smoking volcano crater that erupted in 1973. We will also enjoy a boat tour around the island and experience an amazing bird life but here you find the largest puffin colony in Iceland. If we are lucky, we might spot whales during on the boat tour. We will also enjoy the acoustics of a natural theatre in a seaside cave. After the boat tour, you can sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and watch a movie about the 1973 eruption before we head back to the mainland.

• Biggest puffin colony in Iceland
• Eldfell volcano that erupted in 1974
• Sightseeing of Heymaey Island
• Boat trip around the island
• Whales sometimes spotted on boat tour
• The village of Heimaey Island


Like the rest of Iceland, the area is very volcanically active. In 1973 Eldfell volcano erupted and destroyed many buildings and forced a months-long evacuation of the entire population to the mainland. In 1963 there was also a major eruption that created Surtsey.

The islands are famed for their major annual festival, Þjóðhátíð (National festival) which attracts thousands of people each year. It is held on the first weekend in August (Thursday – Monday). This Iceland holidays Westman Islands tour is a day tour that can easily be recommended!


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