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Iceland tours best experience for the magic of Icelandic nature

This one of Iceland tours best options for a day tour to experience the power and magic of Icelandic nature. On this day tour to Grímsvötn volcano on our 4×4 offroad superjeep, you will experience the power and wonders of Iceland´s unspoiled nature, such as the recent eruptions sites around the volcano at Grímsvötn.

We will begin our adventure early morning, drive through rough landscapes of the highlands and through a part of Sprengisandsleið to an off-road track. We will cross rivers and black sands, pass through Veiðivötn, Vatnaöldur and Ljósufjöll. We will enjoy a traditional Icelandic lunch before crossing the river Tungnaá and drive on Vatnajökull glacier before reaching Grímsvötn where you will be able to view the eruption areas. We will take you as close to the volcano as recommended by authorities but due to safety reasons we always operate this tour with minimum of two superjeeps travelling together. Therefore, a minimum number of guests for this tour is required. Please contact us for details.

• Vatnajökull glacier
• Grímsvötn volcano
• Sprengisandur
• Tungnaá
• Off-road driving
• Veiðivötn
• Amazing Icelandic landscape


The sub-glacial lakes Grímsvötn and the volcano Grímsvötn are in the highlands of Iceland at the northwestern side of Vatnajökull glacier. Grímsvötn is a basaltic volcano and is the most active volcano in Iceland and has erupted at least 60 times during the past 800 years. Because most of the volcano lies underneath Vatnajökull, most of its eruptions have been subglacial. It last erupted in 2011 with 12 km (7 mi) high plumes accompanied by multiple earthquakes, that resulted in cancellation of hundreds of flights. This is one of Iceland tours best option to view this magnificent place.


Sprengisandur is a highland gravel road between Hofsjökull glacier and Vatnajökull glacier. It is the longest of the Icelandic highlands roads and is only used during summer, like all other roads crossing the inner desert. When the weather is good, the route offers stunning views of both glaciers and the volcanoes Askja and Herðubreið.


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