Inside the Volcano


Inside the Volcano


You have seen a volcano from the outside with its magnificent and sometimes perfect cone but exploring inside the volcano is something else. This tour will let you inspect inside a dormant volcano!

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Thrihnukagigur Volcano has retired by being an erupting prowess 4,000 years ago, so exploring the magma chamber from the inside is as safe as exploring a museum. But unlike a museum with just parts or relics of a volcano closed in a casket, this tour will take you to the actual inside of a volcano. With equipment and procedures so carefully selected, extensively tested and approved by the Occupational Safety and Health administration of Iceland, you are rest assured that your safety will not be compromised.

Upon arrival from Reykjavik, we will hike across a lava field for 30 minutes to reach the crater. You will barely notice the time as well as the length of the hike because the wonders of nature surrounding the lava field will take your mind off from it. And when you reach the crater, you will be carried down by an open elevator. From the top crater, with magnificent colors of the volcano walls and ceiling, to the bottom of the chamber, you will definitely be taken away by the magnificent shapes and colors that the steaming hot lava left thousands of years ago.




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