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Northern Lights Explorer

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Northern Lights Explorer – Evening Super Jeep Tour, is a memorable tour that will promise you nothing but pure mystic beauty of the Northern Sky.

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Northern Lights is a fascinating Northern sky show, a natural phenomenon that is only visible within the artic region. A mesmerizing sight of vivid and playful colors and swirls on the dark starry Northen sky, this will certainly will leave you awestruck.

We have expert and experienced northern lights guide that will pick you up from your hotel in Reykjavik and by there we will escape away from the busy lights and began to chase the elusive northern lights. We go of the beaten paths, where big bus tours cannot possibly reach, meaning it would be a private trip with no big crowds on the spots.

The Northern Lights are visible only when away from the busy city lights, and so we have to drive far from the city to find a perfect place for Northern lights hunting. With mother nature on our side, we can possibly spot an elusive sky show with vivid and bright swirling lights of the northern lights. Imagine a front row seat to the most magical show of the northern sky.

Warm outdoor clothing, waterproof jacket and pants, head wear and gloves. You also need to wear a good sturdy hiking shoes. If you don’t have any waterproof jacket and pants, you can avail them at the office.

All adventure tours are undertaken on the responsibility of the person who participates in this service. The tour operator does not assume any responsibility for accidents that caused by the participant or actions that are traced to be their own doing. A signed waiver is a mandatory prerequisite to any tours we have.



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