U-Drive Arctic Glacier Camp


U-Drive Arctic Glacier Camp

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Camping in Glaciers? Yes you can! With U-drive Arctic Glacier Camp tour package it is possible plus you will have the opportunity to drive our 4×4 Super Jeep on glaciers! A challenging yet very awarding experience.

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If you are looking for an adventure that is off the ordinary, U-drive Arctic Glacier Camp Tour will give you that “white and wild” experience. You will be driving our 4×4 Super Jeep on glaciers, but with the assistance of a convoy with our expert Glacier driving tour guide ofcourse, and explore the white winter kingdom of either Langjökull glacier or Hofsjökull. And the wild experience will follow as we camp through glacier giving you a very unique experience.

We will first give you a short simple to follow training before we go on with the trip. All our modified 4×4 Super Jeeps are well-equipped with VHF radio. The convoy that will lead the way can be contacted anytime by the VHF radio. Please bear in mind that the roads can be slippery and rough especially on the off-beaten paths. Always drive carefully or as instructed by our guides.




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